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specified Sunday, after church is finished and usually before going home they visit 2 active families and 2 in-active families. Turns are rotated as far as carpooling. A list is usually prepared at the beginning of the year, to make sure each child will receive a visit. Flexibility is a must because no 'call ahead' is given. It's a "drop in and hope we get lucky" kind of thing. This works surprisingly well as you'll catch people you might not normally. NEVER stay long or go inside! It works best when you walk up to the door as a presidency and knock... " Hi! Is Keven, Stacy,and Beth home? We have a little treat to drop off." The kids come to the door and ..." We just wanted to give you a little thanks for coming out to Primary each week! You guys are the best! The treats are just for you and you need to share them with your big brother unless you feel like being really nice today!" Then a few hugs and your outta there! For inactive families it works the same except with a "Gee Keven, we have a cool scout night coming up and Sister Lindsey wants to make sure you can come! We sure miss you all and we're glad you're doing so great in school! That is really super about Beth's science project getting in the show!" We 've found it best to encourage each child, active or not!:-) "


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