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JOURNEY OF LOVE - Full year program

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2. PUZZLE PIECE - Send each child in the class one piece of a puzzle to bring with him to Primary the next time. If he isn't there, the picture won't be complete.
3. PICTURE PUZZLE - Send each child a small picture puzzle in the mail. (A picture of Jesus, a picture of your class symbol, a picture that depicts your last lesson, a picture that symbolizes the next lesson, etc.)
4. BIRTHDAY TREAT AND VISIT - Arrange a birthday treat for each child's birthday at his home. (Probably the same thing for each child, in order that there not be hurt feelings.) For example, a happy birthday balloon, a trip out for an ice cream cone, a cake you take to the child, cupcakes that spell his name (one letter on each cupcake), finger jello letters that spell his name, a visit in your home to create his own birthday treat, etc.
5. BIRTHDAY ACTIVITY - Send him an invitation for a birthday activity with you.
6. PHONE CALL - Call each child for a short chat expressing your love and appreciation for him as an individual. Draw him out and discover unique qualities about him. Learn about what he likes and what he doesn't like. What are his hobbies and activities? Be warm, sincere, positive.
7. CLASS PARTY - Have a class party for your class as a time for you to socialize with them. (Be certain to let the presidency know ahead of time, and get the parent's permission.)
8. VISIT AT HOME OR ACTIVITY - Visit each child in his home or at one of his activities. (Go for a walk, swing in the park, go to his ball game, etc.) Again, make certain you have his parent's permission.
9. INVITE TO YOUR HOME - Have each child visit you in your home. To bake cookies, to listen to music, to read him a story, to play your newest computer game, to make a treat for his mother for her birthday, etc. Whatever suits his interest and yours.
10. BALLOON WITH MESSAGE - Leave a balloon on his doorstep with a message inside.
11. TREATS AND A VISIT - Take each child a treat you have baked. (Cookies, brownies, muffins, fudge, a cupcake, etc.)
12. CALL OR WRITE CONGRATULATIONS - ("I caught you doing something wonderful!) There has to be something on which you can congratulate EVERY child if you're looking for it.
13. SERVICE - Small group or individual service. Choose a child or two to help you to give service to someone. Example: take a treat to a child in your class who doesn't come or who was ill. Rake leaves for someone. Make it anonymous if you choose.    Journey of Love - Continued
14. PHOTOGRAPH - Take a picture of the child participating in some activity - either church activities or his own activities and send it to him.
15. HELPERS - Ask him to be your special helper to: teach the lesson, tell a story, help prepare a craft, etc.
16. SPOTLIGHT - Spotlight each of the children - one each week - in your class.
17. BEAR TESTIMONY - Bearing your testimony is a gift of love to your children.
18. SEASONAL SOMETHING - Do something appropriate to the seasons and/or holidays as a method of remembering each child. (Send a card of the season with a personalized message, make a special lunch for him to take on the first day of school, etc.)
19. GIVE SERVICE - Give service to the child. (Make his bed for him, do a chore for him, etc.)
20. LETTER SHOWING GROWTH - Later in the year, send him a letter telling him the ways you have seen him improve during the year. Read those letters -- perhaps one each week in class, so he hears that everybody can hear that he is wonderful.
21. GRADUATION - At the end of the year, have a "graduation ceremony" to make the transition to the next class (and leaving you!) easier.
22. SERVICE FOR YOU - Allow the children to give service to you! Let them make pictures for you, make presents for you, and even help you at home (with parent's permission). Graciously accept these children's, effort to help you & bond with you."


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