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GIA FIRESIDE - "We really wanted to put an emphasis on the Gospel in Action program this year, for the eligible adults as well as for the children. We started out by planning a fireside . We mailed invitations to all of Senior Primary (including the whole CTR 8 class), their parents and everyone with a Primary calling. We felt that mailing it instead of just mentioning it in the bulletin would place an added importance on it. We scheduled it for 6:00PM on a Sunday so we'd be done long before bedtime. We invited the Stake Primary President to come and give a short (10 minute) talk on goals and the program. She brought with her a sister from another ward who had recently received the award. They both spoke, then I gave a short outline of the "nuts and bolts". We also made a chart with everyone's name (including the adults!) and a place to fill in as the goals are achieved. We will display the chart in closing exercises once a month and have a short recognition of those who have achieved goals. We kept the whole thing very short (1/2 Hr) to keep it interesting for the kids. We had questions and answers at the end, then refreshments. (We had made it a point to tell the kids at Primary that there would be treats!) Many parents have already told me how much they appreciated the chance to really understand the program, so they can be a better help to their sons and daughters. I'm also excited to begin working on mine! I hope to set the example and be the first to finish....We'll see! "


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