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ARTICLE OF FAITH SPINNING WHEEL - "I made an Article of Faith spinning wheel. The pictures came from an old friend magazine, or you could draw them yourself. Just something that reminds you which A of F it is, plus they are all numbered, of course, from 1 to 13. (e.g. 1 is a picture of the first vision with the caption of "Godhead" under it. 2 is a picture of Adam and Eve with the caption "Men" under it and so on.) The children spin the wheel and which ever A of F it stops on, they recite it. If they don't know it, they get a card with the A of F on it to read from and keep. I designed the wheel and my husband made it from wood. It stands upright on a wooden base. It is portable because it only stands about 1and a half feet tall. I have had it for years and through many different Primary groups. The children enjoy the challenge."


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