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ARTICLES OF FAITH BANANA SPLIT PARTY  "A couple of years ago the Primary theme was the Articles of Faith. We wanted to encourage all the children to memorize them. For incentive, we decided to have an Articles of Faith Banana Split Party. We assigned each Article to a piece of the banana split. The 1st was a bowl; 2nd, a spoon; 3rd, a banana; 4th, chocolate ice cream; 5th, vanilla ice cream; 6th strawberry ice cream; 7th, chocolate sauce; 8th, caramel sauce; 9th strawberry sauce; 10th whipped cream; 11th, sprinkles; 12th, nuts; 13th, cherry. Each month we worked on one Article of Faith, and kept track of the children that memorized them. This was a huge success! The children loved it. Almost all of my Senior Primary memorized all thirteen. For the Junior Primary, we just asked them to tell us what it was about. This idea could be used in conjuction with the Gospel in Action Program. The General Primary Presidency has recently announced that the children ages eight to eleven can work on their Gospel in Action Awards. The children will love memorizing them, with the incentive of a banana split party at the end of the year."


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