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KEYWORD KEYS - "I remember this idea from when I was in Primary over 30 years ago and I used this a few years ago in our Primary when the study was the Articles of Faith. It can still be used in the classroom setting or as a whole Primary. We made different colored, light weight, tagboard keys. We printed the keywords for each of the A of F on a different key and laminated them. It took a lot of cutting out, but it was well worth it. As we taught each A of F we would give them the Keyword Key. They attached each to a keychain which we furnished, then they could attach this keychain to their scriptures. This keyword helped them in memorizing and remembering which number is which A of F. (Some people may find these particular keywords aren't for them, so change them if you want). Here are the keywords we used. 1: Godhead, 2: Men, 3: Atonement, 4: First Principles, 5: Hands, 6: Organization, 7: Gifts, 8: Word of God, 9: Revelation, 10: Ten Tribes, 11: Worshipping, 12: Law, 13 Admonition. I still have these colorful, cute shaped keys attached to my Scriptures, and they remind me of my beliefs and my childhood Primary Days."


avatar Dianne
Great idea. Thanks.
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