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Gospel in Action Ideas

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Gospel in Action Ideas - This program can often be neglected. We have observed that most children will wait until they are ready to graduate from Primary and have set a goal to improve this "procrastination". Here are a few suggestions:

  • I made charts for each Sr. primary class that listed the children down the left hand side and each of the requirements for the GIA across the top - including a box for each Article of Faith. I then visited each class (this is a great "excuse" for a presidency member to visit) to explain the program, distribute cards, and give the chart to their teacher. I also leave them with an envelope of stickers - to mark their progress on the chart, extra GIA cards, and Article of Faith cards. I have since heard of several teachers using those "wasted" few minutes of settling into class and marking role - to pass students off on their Articles of Faith. This has also served as motivation to other members of the class. (Teachers are asked to be very sensitive when dealing with children who have very little support at home - they may have to take a more active roll in helping set and work on these goals.)
  • We also sent a letter home to all parents of children who are of age to be working on the Gospel In Action Award (it is often confused with the Faith in God Award - in Cub Scouts). It briefly explains the program and encourages them to work with them and encourage them at home. We also printed a brief message about it in our Ward Newsletter along with recognizing those who had just received their award.
  • When a child receives their pendant or tie tack in Primary, I ask them to share one of their goals (personal, family, church, or community) and one of the Articles of Faith. They love this opportunity to share what they have learned, and you would be amazed at how many children choose #13!
  • Our next plan is to put up a poster with the child's picture and date they received the award and a quote from them about what they learned or how it felt to achieve their goals



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