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ARTICLES OF FAITH -"In order to help the senior primary children (and teachers) get on the path to earning their Gospel in Action awards I devised a rhyming "cheat sheet" for the Articles of Faith.  I made a big poster for the primary room and also made smaller copies for the kids.  I printed the cheat sheets out, laminated them, and stuck magnets on the back so the kids could put them on their refrigerator doors at home.  I enticed them with a prize if they could memorize and recite the cheat sheet for me.  Here are the words I used: #1:The Godhead is one, #2:Men's sins are new, #3:The Atonement's for me, #4:The first principles count four, #5:Must be called of God to jive, #6:This organization really sticks, #7:Gifts that are given from heaven, #8:The word of God needs no debate, #9:Revelation is divine, #10:The tribes count ten, #11:We worship on day seven, #12:Into the law we delve, #13:Follow Paul's admonition and don't be mean.  This gives me the opportunity to work on all the Articles of Faith songs, which helps the kids memorize them.  After we learn one, I always pick a few children to come up and recite it into the microphone.  They are so proud of themselves!"


avatar America Jane
This is a fantastic idea! I'm all about memorization tricks. I'm looking for ways to help my boys learn their Articles of Faith and will be combining several of the techniques I've found on this site. Once we get going on it, I'll be reporting about our experience on my blog. americajanespea
Nice method of teaching.. I wish my previous teachers do that also, sadly, they did not. Haha. But its good that you develop this new styles of teaching. Keep it up.
avatar Erica
Is there a typo here??


#5:Must be called of God to jive
avatar sbig
To help encourage the Children we found a Goal chart at the hwe marked the lines with numbers to match the Articles of Faith going up the Goal chart then we gave those 8 and up a marker with their name on it and each week they get to move their marker onto the Article Of Faith they have memorized. We just started it and they are so excited that we had half the class staying after to pass off the Article Of Faith. Thought I'd pass the idea off since it has gotten the Children excited here.
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