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ATTENTION GIVING - "First of all, tone is everything. Be in charge from moment one. Draw attention to the ones who are being reverent by complimenting them right up front and telling the class that that is the behavior you expect when you are speaking to them, saying...sitting still, feet forward, hands folded, eyes forward, lips quiet. Next, I don't believe in rewarding bad behavior. If someone is being bad, don't point them out or pick them to come forward and hold a poster or help, just to keep them busy. This cheats the reverent kids and encourages the bad behavior for next week. Another attention getter that works and is pretty cheap is a sock puppet, made from one of those lonely socks that lost its mate in the wash. Take the sock and make it a face with a marker or by adding scrap material. When kids are restless or you have time to fill, get the sock puppet out. Different puppets for different ideas. For example, get one that is specifically for looking for reverent children. Another one that is strictly a book worm, that quotes scriptures or gives scripture references for kids to find in the book or to draw. Another one can be the birthday puppet that can spot the birthday kids. How about a puppet that only gets out when a special story time happens, for example, eek, you have ten minutes and nothing planned. Get the puppet out, surprise visit! Yay! Then tell a short story about, say, the little boy who helped his mom fold clothes on Saturday. Or the little girl who remembered to brush her teeth and remembered to thank Heavenly Father for her teeth. Something simple but reinforcing of easy primary type goals." JENNIFER, NEVADA


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