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BEE ATTITUDES - "Last year my Valiant 10 class consisted of 8 very energetic boys and one sweet and quiet girl. As a class we made up our own “Ten  Commandments” we made to ten rules to follow in class and during sharing time. I also gave out special reward cards that read “I Am Trying To Be Like Jesus”, I wrote a personal thank you message on it for being a great example to others in sharing time and gave it to those who earned it. Another idea I am using this year, is the Valiant 10 "Bee Attitudes" our six bees include: 1) Bee Courteous, 2) Bee Reverent, 3) Bee Respectful, 4) Bee Attentive, 5) Bee Prepared, 6) Bee Active and Participate. I have also started bringing a jar to fill  with jellybeans. In order for the class to earn a class activity; each child can earn up to 6  jellybeans each week, one jellybean for each of the six bees. For instance, in order to get the fifth and sixth jellybeans the child would have to bring their scriptures (or borrow from the library). The jar is large enough that by the end of two months or so, the class can have a class activity. However, the class must complete a service project as part of the activity. So far we  have cleaned the exterior church windows and plan to clean the toys in the nursery! " BRENDA WASTLUND, ST. GEORGE, UTAH


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