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"CHEWS-THE RIGHT" GUMBALL INCENTIVE  - "For our focus this year to help the children work on positive behaviors in church and Primary we chose to do a "Chews the Right and Follow Jesus" gumball incentive.  I traced a gumball machine on an 81/2x11 sheet of cardstock.  I made the gumballs smaller - the size of the round stickers you can find at office supply stores - about 3/4" diameter.  I drew about 32 circles inside of the gumball machine and made copies for each child.  Then I bought the brightly colored stickers for the gumballs.  A child earns a gumball for giving a talk, scripture and a prayer...all 3 = 1 gumball.  They can receive a gumball for being in church in time to take the Sacrament each week.  (This is one way the Primary felt we could help our Branch increase Sacrament Meeting attendance.) Giving their testimony earns another gumball. Memorizing all 13 Articles of Faith earns another, etc. When a child fills his/her cardstock gumball machine, then he/she receives a real gumball machine. (Look at Dollar Stores). We write on them: "I can Chews the Right and Follow Jesus!"  " DEBBY REDICK CORNELL, WEST BLOOMFIELD, NY


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