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GETTING ATTENTION IN JR PRIMARY  - "At times I find that I lose the kids attention with everything happening in primary.  As the music leader, I found a fun idea that helps a lot.  When I don't have everyone's attention, I ask them to put on their goggles--I make circles out of my hands and place them over my eyes.  Everyone does the same thing. I have them look at me through their goggles.  Once everyone has their goggles on, I have them follow after me. Taking one arm at a time raising it high, and then folding it.  First one, then other. (i.e. "Take this and put it here")  At this point their arms are folded, and they are all looking at me.   I then get back to what we were doing.  Some weeks we wear our goggles more often than others :)  This works better in Jr Primary, however I have done it with the older kids--they get a kick out of me doing it more than anything." JILL , MESA AZ


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