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WHAT IS A PROPHET - "I read the scripture D&C 1:38 and explained that when the prophet asks us to do something it is the same as Jesus Christ asking us to do it. I brought in a coronet (trumpet) and pulled it out of the case. My husband had the mouth piece in his coat pocket (He is a primary teacher and plays the trumpet-how lucky for me). I asked him to play the trumpet (with the mouth piece off). He blew into it and of course nothing came out but air sounds. I asked what was wrong and all the hands went up and they guessed that the mouthpiece was missing. I then had my husband put the mouth piece on and play a single note to show that it worked. We discussed that the Prophet is the mouthpiece and the sound coming out is the voice of the Lord. I then asked the children how would the Coronet work if there was a mouthpiece here and here and here and here (while pointing to different areas on the trumpet). We decided that it would not sound good if it made any sound at all and it may even be confusing. Who would play it when and from which mouthpiece? I then explained that this is why Jesus has one Prophet (mouthpiece) for the earth and that it is Gordon B. Hinckley today. Then we went into learning "We listen to a Prophets voice and Hear the Savior too." " WANDA WHITNEY CHAMBERS, RUSKIN, FL


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