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DISPLAY MODELS  - "With this years theme being making and keeping my baptismal covenant I wanted something that would coordinate well all year. I found a picture of two little children (pencil drawings) that were going to be baptized in LDS clipart. they were in white jumpsuits. I blew them up onto foam core board with an easel so they would stand. Then I made posters on 81/2 x 11 card stock of the monthly theme and one of the monthly scripture. these little kids stand up in front during primary holding the posters for each month. Its a great attention getter and allows the children to be reminded each week what the theme and scripture are for the month. We also made small copies of these same baptism kids on card stock with each child's name printed on the front for every child in primary. We use these to call on the kids instead of raising hands. This way no child feel left out or that they are not getting a turn. We separate the ones chosen from the ones not chosen until everyone in primary has had a turn. this works really well. "JUDY, WASHINGTON


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