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  • Songs: "Do as I'm Doing", "My Hands upon My Head I Place", "Hinges", "I Have Two Little Hands", any others you know well.
  • Fill-In-the-blanks (to guess a word in a lesson).
  • Pantomime (of a character or an event in a lesson)
  • An open-end story that the children finish
  • Finger-plays
  • Role-play
  • Finger puppets
  • Ball or bean bag (Ask a question and throw the ball or bean bag to a child; he answers and throws back to you or asks a question and throws to another child.)
  • Testimony-bearing
  • Scripture chase
  • Turning classroom lights on and off
  • Greeting individuals by name
  • Complimenting those who are ready to begin
  • Chalkboard: Drawing stick figures for a story in the lesson, Writing key words phrases or questions
  • Standing and waiting quietly, using eye-to-eye contact with an offending child
  • Gently touching a child
  • Changing tone of voice
  • Establishing a sign that means "Everyone please be reverent," such as a picture of quiet child
  • Having one child shut his eyes while the teacher asks a question and points to a child to answer it and has the child with his eyes shut try to guess who is talking
  • True/false quiz
  • Placing under children's chairs some key words pertaining to the lesson
  • Having children shut their eyes and pretend or imagine some point in the lesson



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