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HANDBOOK Food in Primary

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HANDBOOK - "My presidency has labored over this problem, and when we went to the new manual for direction, we began to view it in a slightly different way. The manual states, "The only times food SHOULD be provided during Sunday Primary is when it is included as part of a lesson or as a snack for the children in the nursery class. IF teachers provide food, they should first consult with the parents of each child about any dietary restrictions that may be caused by conditions such as diabetes or allergies." Church Handbook of Instructions (Emphasis added) This is much looser a guideline than we are used to having in the past, as it says that it should not be used, but does not say that it cannot be used. We called a board meeting, made copies of this section for all board members, and talked about it. We stated what we, as a presidency, felt was meant by this, and then stated what our ward policy regarding food in Primary was. We then told our board that it was up to them to follow their conscience and to do what they felt the Lord and the Prophet wanted them to do for the best interests of the children. We stressed that if they felt that snacks were required, to please make it NOT candy, that they MUST contact each parent individually and ask permission, that it not be a choking hazard, that it be finished in class, and that we be kept informed. Some do, most decided not to. But we at least feel like we took a stand, and then left it up to their stewardship, to their own accountability. Now our problem is that we have a teacher that is paying the children in the class a quarter if they are good. ARGH! Hope this helps any. "   TERESA, CAMANO ISLAND WASHINGTON
FOOD IN PRIMARY -  "We, as a Presidency, studied the new handbook and felt that the best way to help the teachers and other Primary leaders to understand the "no food in Primary" statement was to type it word for word on a handout and present it to them with a verbal explanation at Teacher Improvement Meeting. We did this and made sure that all of those not in attendance were given a copy. We also asked for cooperation from the other auxiliaries in the Ward not to allow their participants to walk around the building with treats for all to see on Sunday. The handout included a message from us about following the church guidelines as they were prepared under the direction of the prophet. JULI REDFORD, ANTIOCH CALIFORNIA
"To encourage teachers not to hand out food in primary, make a copy of the handbook where it says not to hand out food and highlight that specific part. Hand it out to the teachers or mail it to them along with a
gentle reminder that this is not just your policy, but it is for everyone!"
"We wrote a letter that we personally gave to each teacher telling them what the policy was and where we got it (from the front of the manual). We tried to very lovingly tell them that giving the children a well prepared lesson and teaching them truths to building their testimonies was so much more important. We also ask them to put this letter in the front of their binders (1-1/2" notebook they keep their books and photos in) so that substitutes would be aware.  It has helped a lot."


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