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NOT FOR A REWARD "This is one rule that never seems to be enforced. I say if you can work the treat into your lesson so it is something that can be used as a teaching tool, go for it. But, I don't agree with giving out treats to encourage reverence. I've been in too many primaries where all the kids think about is the treat and it really distracts from the lesson. It's also a good idea to have the kids finish the treat in class so other kids don't feel bad. Especially since not all teachers can afford to or have the time to make and bring treats. One stake I was in sent a note to all ward leaders and teachers (signed by the Stake Primary Presidency and even the Stake Pres.) asking us NOT to bring food. The ward leaders were given permission to bring treats for the entire Primary 4 times a year. I think it was Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, and something else. I still think you have to be very careful not to make treats a big deal. ALWAYS check with each parent to see if a child has allergies or if they just can't have a certain goodie. When I was Primary Pres. I was very strict about no food, not only because it was in the handbook, but because our building had a rule (from the Stake President) that you could not have food anywhere but the Cultural Hall, kitchen, or nursery room. A was given a lot of grief for it, but I stuck to my decision and was supported by the Bishop."


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