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HUNGER - I know what the handbook says. However, if you live in the boonies like we do, where children travel many miles to get to and from church, you would tend to "overlook" the handbook instructions. I think some of these things need to be looked at with regards to your ward or branch circumstances. Our little Sunbeams need a treat to get them through the long 3 hours after travel time to get there. The older classes don't need it on an on-going basis but when treats are given, they should tie in with the lesson or sharing time. We do ban treats on Fast Sunday (except for the nursery and 3 year olds). I truly believe there comes a time when you can't be too soft with your teachers if you want the treats stopped. Try copying the instructions from the handbook to give to the teachers and what have you done about a face-to-face discussion rather than just notes? I, for one, believe treats have a place in Primary if done correctly, regardless of the handbook instruction. Guess I'll get my hands slapped one of these days!"
"I can imagine that it's a rule, and in sharing time I never do so, (I am the big bad president) and in the classes the teachers sometimes give a treat. I hate to say it, but I don't feel too bad about it. After all they are kids, and 3 hours is long."
"I think that the senior primary doesn't need it but the junior primary might need snacks occasionally."


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