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SMALL PRIMARIES - "When our branch was formed about 4 years ago we had maybe 2-5 children attending, and it never was the same 2-5. We were very inexperienced and unfortunately mostly spent the time as baby sitters. Now with some time under our belts I see things I would do differently. I would have at least 3-4 people in the primary board. 2 to handle opening exercises and 2 teachers. Then add from there as the branch expanded. We have grown quite a bit but still have staffing problems. Now about the sacrament presentation. We did not do one the first year because we never knew who would be there from one Sunday to the next. The 2nd year we had enough steady attendees that we could teach the songs and have the kids know them. That year we had 2 of the stronger kids give talks and we had one mother talk about her new son and what that meant for her family. We walked through the story of the good Samaritan w/stick figures. Another mother and her son told a flannel board story. The sacrament presentation was more adult driven with the children doing songs and walk-throughs. The next year we had enough children to do a full presentation. We have grown fast and now have about 15-25 children each Sunday." OHIO


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