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SPACE PROBLEMS - "In the last year, our little branch primary attendance has grown by about 50%. However, our space didn't grow. We decided to separate Junior and Senior primaries. That helped, but for some reason singing time
was becoming wiggly and the children weren't learning the songs. So, we decided to rearrange our outline. We continued to keep sharing time and class time separate, but we combined singing time and opening exercises. This is what we did (our church begins with Sacrament Meeting at 10am):
11:15-11:45 Senior primary classes; Junior primary
sharing time (begin class and sharing time with prayer)
11:50-12:00 "Opening" exercises (excuse 12 year olds)
12:00-12:25 Combined singing time
12:30-1:00 Junior primary classes; Senior primary
sharing time (end with prayer)
I hope this helps someone. It has really helped our singing time. We also had a problem with children getting "lost" in the adults. Now we change classes when the adults are in their classes. Oh! Because of space, we meet in the back half of the cultural hall for opening exercises and singing time."  SHANNA, CASSVILLE, MO


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