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LATTER-DAY PROPHET EACH MONTH - "When I served in the Amherst, VA branch, we had about eight to ten children total. Our singing time and sharing time was done together, and several age groups were grouped together in the classes.(nursery-5 yr. olds; & 6-11 year olds) Our music was done by the Children's Songbook tapes, as we had no music person to play the piano. Although our group was small, we could do so much with them. My counselor and I served a dual role as primary teachers as well. One thing that was neat that we did, we focused on a Latter-day prophet each month. We posted a picture of each prophet as their "month" arrived and we shared with the children a story from the lives of the prophet. There was also an activity of some sort to coincide with the prophet. Before too long, each child could recognize the prophets just by looking at their picture! It was neat to see them learn the prophets by name!" CORI, VIRGINIA


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