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TIME SCHEDULE - "Currently we have 6 children attending a home Primary at our house. Of the 6, 4 children are ours (ages 16 month through 8 years), one non-member child (age 5), and one part-member child (age 3). Our Branch has 21 active members and 2 inactives. Our Primary is held after school which lets out at 2:45. We are using the Primary 4 manual for all ages since our non- and part-member families are lacking the basics needed to understand a lot of the Church History. The Church History lessons are used for Family Home Evening instead. Our schedule is thus: 3:00-3:20 snack 3:20-3:30 Opening song, prayer, reverence rules, one talk 3:30-3:45 Singing time. We work on one of the new songs and then each child can pick one of his/her favorite songs for us all to sing 3:45-4:15 Lessons time, including any enrichment activities. 4:15-4:30 Lesson review, reverence rules, closing song, closing prayer. I guess as far as do we use the whole 2 hours, the answer is no. One thing to keep in mind is our lessons are slightly condensed because the non-, and part-member children are English as a Second Language, which shines a whole different light on how I teach. Also, all the children are in one class, as I have no other teacher. Our biggest challenge has been with reverence. The Non- and Part-member children have no concept of reverence (and neither do my own children at times). I found that drawing circles out of paper and writing their names on each one like a sit-upon solved a lot of trouble. Now the kids know exactly where to sit. I also have a reverence chart for each child and at the beginning of each class we review the Reverence Rules. At the end of each class, we review the rules again and let the children decided if they deserve a reverence sticker or not. Part of choosing the right is to tell the truth, so this is reinforced weekly. I hope some of this gives you ideas."  SHERRI HENDERSON, CHINHAE, SOUTH KOREA


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