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TRAVEL THROUGH SCRIPTURE - "In a brand new branch, we wanted our Primary to be a fun learning place for our children. We have adopted a theme for the rest of the year using an airplane logo. Our children board the plane each Sunday in Primary and travel to lands and peoples in the scriptures. We gave them tickets in folders that were scripture bookmarks copied from the Friend and they have passports and boarding passes. The boarding passes are the scriptures for the month that go on metal rings. Each month, as they have learned the scripture, they get their boarding pass for the next month, which is the scripture they've just learned. We remind them to fasten their seat belts when they get a little rowdy and it helps with reverence. Next month, we will visit Noah and watch from the plane as the flood waters come up and rescind. The kids love this concept and it adds a little excitement to our whole primary." LYNDA, NEW YORK


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