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REVERENCE BINDERS AND SCRIPTURE BEAR - "Our children, parents, and branch presidency have all loved these ideas. Our primary presidency have made binders that each of the children can take into sacrament meeting. With the front view binders we are able to change the cover with the corresponding theme of the month. The binder is divided into sections. There is a testimony section that has written testimonies from the primary presidency and branch presidency about the truthfulness of the scriptures. There is a "What's happening" section for talks, songs, or any interesting thing that the children heard in sacrament meeting. There is a an activity section with activities that correspond with each theme. Finally, there is a journal section for journal writing or questions that they might have for their teachers or presidency. The reverence in sacrament meeting has been outstanding and noticed by everyone. The children feel so responsible and grown up when they can carry these binders in with them. It's a hit. To encourage reverent behavior in primary we have a cute teddy bear that has a scripture around it's neck. This bear loves to sing and listen. He never jumps out of his seat, and loves to share his scripture with the class that tries the best. This bear loves to share feelings of love, peace, and happiness. All of these concepts are taught with scripture." VICKI, CALIFORNIA


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