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SHARING TIME - "We divide our main room for classes, then open it for opening exercises. We have singing time, talk, scripture together, then pull the curtain back closed and divide the children by under-eight/over-eight. My first counselor take the younger children and customizes sharing time to their young attention spans, and I take the older kids, and customize it to their more demanding criteria. This helped alleviate the complaint that it was too "babyish" for the older children, and ensured the young ones weren't being neglected. The young ones have had puppet shows and colored, while the older ones have been reporters covering important scripture stories and played scripture "Jeopardy" and "Password". Find a way to divide if you have more than three or four in each age group -- the older children had thanked me several times since I started this in January. We haven't had to take a child to a parent since! Keep them excited and they won't want to misbehave and risk missing something really fun."   SALLY, MINNESOTA


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