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SMALL BRANCHES ARE FUN - "As a very small branch, we have 8 children now . I have two counselors , but we share everything . Every week is different . One has music one has sharing time and opening exercises , and one goes to R.S. ( There is a President and one counselor but no extra sisters in R.S. ) Young women is the same , President and one counselor . One teaches the lesson and one goes to R.S. In primary each of us have one class . First hour is opening exercises, sharing time and music , the next hour is class and nursery . We have no piano and no one to play so we have the CD's and a player . We know each child personally and that helps. The branch president has 4 of the children , Our R.S. Pres. has one and our Y. W. Pres. has one , The other ones just moved in two weeks ago and their parents haven't gotten callings yet . Our biggest problem is trying to teach them something they don't already know about . Lots of times we let them tell the stories . They know them better than we do and it lets them feel good ." DONNA, WASHINGTON


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