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MUSICAL STAFF & NOTES  - "This is a great way to involve children in music time. Make a large musical staff, including the treble clef, time signature, & notes. (white foam board works great). Make large black notes (quarter notes, 1/8th notes, & etc.) out of heavy duty construction paper. You can laminate the notes so they will last longer.   This can be used several different ways:
1) Place the names of each child on the notes to choose helpers.
2) Place the names of Primary hymns on the notes to choose songs.
3) Use the notes to teach the up & down tones of the melody of a new song.
4) Let the children place the notes on the staff to create their own melodies. The pianist can "play" their tunes back for them.
Hint: The folding foam board used for science projects works good because you can make lots of extra "notes" and store them on the sides of the board. You can attach the notes with tape, the blue tacky stuff, or Velcro."  ROBIN, KY


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