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PRIMARY HELPLINE - "The primary children were complaining because the same children were being picked each week. We fixed this by taking a piece of "foaming" and made a phone. We had buttons for the phone buttons. We covered two small Pringles containers with "foamy" and glued them to the front of the phone. One was labeled Jr. and one Sr. In the back of the phone, were two large Pringles containers covered with "Foamy". We put each child's name on a plastic token. When their name was drawn out of the small front container, they would come up and place the token in the slit in the phone. The token would fall in the large container glued to the rear of the phone. After singing or sharing time, we just put the lids on each of the containers and the next week we drew from the front again until the tokens are gone and then we take them from the back and place them in the appropriate small container in the front and start again. It is working very well for us and the kids were thrilled when they saw the phone."   LISA, MO


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