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CHOOSING HELPERS BY PHONE NUMBER - "One of the funnest ways I have found to choose a helper is to put each child's phone number on a 2x3 card or Popsicle stick. (If there is more than one child in the family put their phone number in for as many children as they have.) I also put their name in small print in the corner for reference or on the opposite end of the Popsicle stick. I pull out a card/stick and read the phone number. The children are very quiet because they need to listen to all of the numbers. When they hear their phone number they get to come up and be a helper. When I do Music Time I put the names of the song under the numbers of the phone. (I drew a huge poster of an old fashioned telephone with removable numbers. I even glued on a curly rope telephone cord.) The other nice thing is that you can use the opposite end of the stick/name on the card when the telephone choosing gets old." MICHELE, UTAH


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