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PRIMARY STARS - "In an effort to choose a helper fairly, I made an "Our Primary Stars" can. From the craft store I purchased a bag of large Popsicle sticks, a bag of cut out wooden stars and a yellow foam board. Cut out a Large star shape from the foam board. Gather 2 soup cans or formula cans and glue together. Print or Paint on the foam board star: "Our Primary Stars!" I choose to decorate the yellow foam board star by painting staggered red stars with blue speckling to stay with the primary colors. Attach foam board star to cans. Paint the small wooden star cut outs red, yellow and blue. Glue one star to each Popsicle stick. Write the names of your children on each stick. Label one can "HAVE" and the other "HAVE NOT". When you need a helper draw from the "have not" can then place in the "Have" can. Our children love the idea that they are "STARS". When drawing a name tell the children you will need a reverent "star" -this helps quiet things down! Enjoy your STARS!"  HEATHER, AZ


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