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POPSICLE OR CRAFT STICKS - "I believe that involving the children is great! So, to avoid any child feeling like I have "favorites" or that I only choose the best singers ("favorites"), I have a can filled with Popsicle sticks that have had the children's names written on them. Then, instead of picking just the best singers, or picking the same children again and again--because I can't remember who I chose last week!-- I use the sticks, and then EVERYONE gets a turn.  If they choose not to participate when their name has been drawn, at least they were asked. And I think that makes them feel important.  Also, I tie the chosen children's sticks up with a rubber band after each game or activity to avoid picking them again until everyone has had a chance to participate. If the child is absent, I put their names back in the can and try again. That is all we can do for some of these little ones, TRY, TRY AGAIN!" CAMILLE, IDAHO
CHOOSING HELPERS -  "Here is a little added hint for Camille Gold's wonderful idea about using craft sticks with children's names on them for choosing helpers. Color one end of the stick green and the other end red. When you have picked their stick and they have had their turn, just turn the stick over from green to red and you won't have to rubberband them or get them mixed up. Green means waiting to be picked, red means already picked. When all are red turn them over to green and start over!" JUDY, WASHINGTON
MAKE SURE EVERYONE GETS A TURN  - "We use popsicle sticks with one end painted red and the other painted green.  Each has a child's name written on it in pencil (they are easy to change this way) I also have several blank ones and when ever we have visitors, I quickly put their names on a stick.
As we go through our sharing time, I put all the popsicle sticks in a small plastic cup, green side up. For each turn in the game or activity we are doing, I pull one out, call on that child and then put it back in the cup red side up to let me know I have already called on that child.  We go through each of the sticks this way and then when all the sticks are red side up, I turn them over and we start again!
Sometimes this takes more than one Sunday, but that's ok, cause the kids all know that everyone will get a turn. We have a very small branch, so sometimes we even get through the sticks twice in one Sunday!  I have sticks with the teachers names, and only occasionally will call on them too.
I have to admit, I do peek and if we have visitors, i try to make sure they get picked toward the beginning just to make sure they get their turn!"   MARI, OREGON


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