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CLASS SIGNS - Signs can be made for each classroom door to help parents know where their child's class is. Include the room number, teacher's name, student's names, and class name. If your classes share rooms, put the junior and senior class lists back to back inside a plastic sheet protector. When the secretary gives the 5 minute door knock, she can then turn the sign for the next class that will be going into the room.
DOOR SIGNS -  "We got the edict from the building coordinator that we could no longer use tape or sticky tack on our doors. We have door signs with the class name and all the children's names on the sign, that is laminated and written with dry erase markers (easier to change as children move in and out).  Our brilliant idea is to use magnet strips on the back of the signs and they can still be hung on the metal door frames! Thus, we're happy, the parents are happy and the building coordinator is happy!!"  CLAIRE, INDIANA
Door Signs - "What we have done in our ward is put the birth year of the children in that class. This helps a lot when we have visitors, to quickly tell where they belong. For example, the CTR 6 class this year says Year of Birth: 1994. We can just tape a new year over it for next year. The door signs are laminated and have the class symbol on them and also on the back have the room number, so we can easily post them each week."  Tammi, CO


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