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SUPPLY BOX - "I have found the key to a successful class is to be prepared. I have a 'supply' box that I keep in the primary cupboard at church. It is filled with just about everything I need. (Craft supplies, a tape recorder that has microphones connected for the kids to sing our opening song into.) They love it! I looked on the master calendar for our ward schedule for the entire year and planned out my lessons and handouts for the year. I have each month's copies made and in color coded folders inside my binder. It is so easy to pull the next week's lesson materials up and see what is ahead. Also it has been great to have everything ready when you are going to be absent. Just pull out your copies, and your subs are ready to teach... it's been great! When you are prepared... teaching is a blast, because to see those little minds just soaking up what you are teaching to them, it makes it all worth it. I testify from my own experience... This method is truly a lifesaver!!! You will never be unprepared again! Plus... If a child is absent, and you already made their cute handout , I mail it to them or drop it by their house after church so they can know what the lesson was about. Some of the moms have used the cute handouts in the next days' FHE lesson and their little child tells the family the lesson. it is a great program.. and most of all your experience and the children's' will never be the same!"  SUSIE, OREGON


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