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PICTURE PUZZLES - "A while back I went through my old Ensign/New Era/Friend magazines (over 5 years) and cut out all the photograph/pictures that I thought might be used. I sorted them in file folders in an apple box (topics: family, children, teens, Old Testament stories, New Testament Stories, Modern Prophets, etc.) I have used these pictures in many ways: I picked out interesting ones and put them in plastic pages to make quiet books for my own children to look at during Sacrament Meeting, one specifically on the Sacrament keeps them busy during the Sacrament. Recently I used a duplicate copy of the Prophet Joseph Smith to make a puzzle (gluing it to cardboard and cutting it into pieces) and put questions about prophets on the back of each piece to use in my Valiant 12 class. I don't feel so bad about cutting a picture or letting children use them for games or story telling themselves (or just to look at) because they are free and often duplicates." EVELYN, OREGON


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