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COMPUTER GENERATED IDEAS - "Nearly every week I print out something with my computer for my primary class. Some of the things I have done so far are:
BUSINESS CARDS - Print out "business cards" with a come with me to primary message. [The children take these home and give them to a friend].  Three weeks ago, I handed out 10 business cards to each of my primary class members. This week we had a new visitor from one child who received one of the business cards.
PHOTO ALBUM - Print out a primary photo album.
GAME - Print out messages that they have to "de-code".
WORD STRIPS - Print word strips to use instead of writing on a chalk-board.
SCRIPTURES - Print out scriptures that are difficult or too time consuming to look up.
ASSIGNMENTS - Print out next week's assignment.
ARTICLES OF FAITH - Print handouts of Articles of Faith." THAYNE ANDERSON, ALASKA


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