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APPLE TREE -  "To help the children in our class to be responsible and prepare them for giving talks as they get older, we have developed this idea. We start with a paper drawing of a large tree, which we put on the wall. For each child in Primary, we cut an apple out of the same paper, and write their names on it, then tape the apples on the tree.  Each Sunday, we pull four apples, one for opening prayer, another for scripture, one for talk, and the fourth for closing prayer to be done the following Sunday. We send a note home with each of the children to remind their parents to help them prepare for their assignments. As Primary teachers, we always prepare a scripture and talk, just in case a child comes and is not prepared, or is simply not there. After they have given their prayer or scripture or talk, we put the child's apple in a basket and when everyone has had a turn, we simple start again by returning the apples to the tree."  AMY


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