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One Sunday when a family in our ward asked if anyone had a clothes dryer they could have, I quickly said I do and the family was so grateful.  

But the back story is what this is about… It just so happened that I was getting rid of a perfectly good used dryer and I had already scheduled to be picked up by some charitable organization in the next few days.  

Come to find out later that by the time the information got to the attention of Ward Council it had already been a week or so that this family had been without a dryer. Not the end of the world but very inconvenient for them.  

I would have been frustrated at the slow process if I had learned later about the issue and had already given mine away…..good thing it all worked out…but a very slow process with word of mouth when timing is everything.

I have been in dozens and dozens of meetings in my different church callings over the years and have come to the conclusion that there has got to be a better way to coordinate the needs and wants of individual members. So I added this classified ad section to the Primary Page to help the situation.

Members can now post an "Want or Need" by Stake in Colorado and others will see it faster and be able to respond to the "Want or Need" faster. I will add more stakes from other parts of the US in the future

So the next time someone asked for a dryer you can say did you check the Primary Page Trader?


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