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SACRAMENT PRESENTATION MUSIC - "Because I have a primary of less than 20 children, Singing time has proven to be difficult. So on the song "Beautiful Savior" we decided to have a sister in our ward play the descant of the third verse. She plays the violin. We also, because our primary is small, are going to have a "class room skit" be our main part of the presentation. A child plays as the teacher and have a group of children represent the rest of the class. Also because we are in the process of the Boston Temple being built we are having the children sing "When e comes again" and then having a little something on what they have learned about temples and specifically about the Boston Temple.  We are having poems read and of course scriptures. This all will be flexible if other children show who are less inactive because as the child teacher ask a question their can be various answers. So everyone has a part. Who knows maybe this could work for a large primary!! good luck!!!"  DUNHAM, NEW HAMPSHIRE


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