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CSMP PREP - "To keep interest high while reviewing the songs for the CSMP, I cover 2 shoe boxes (one for Jr. and one for Sr. Primary) with fun wrapping paper. I put a special reward item in the boxes, 1 for each child. I then tie the boxes closed with the same amount of ribbon ties as there are songs for the program. To the ties I attach a small card with the names of the songs printed on them. Starting about 2 months before the program I bring the boxes to Primary and tell the children that there is a treasure in the box and they will get it when all the ribbons are cut off. All they must do is sing the song well enough for the Primary Presidency to say they passed. Then a child can come up and cut off the ribbon. When the last ribbon is cut, the treat is shared by all. This really worked great to keep the kids motivated. JOANN, CALIFORNIA


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