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OUR SMOOTHEST, MOST SPIRITUAL PROGRAM YET... - "For our Primary Program we wanted each of the children to say what they wanted, not what we told them to say. Each class was given a topic, then in class the teacher asked a question about the topic, or for an example of how the topic related to them. Each child wrote down their answer (the teacher wrote it down for the younger kids). This was their talk for the program. With a little guidance from the teachers their talks were beautiful and sincere because it was from their hearts. We gave each of the teachers a copy of the program outline and everyone's talks. For the Jr. Primary, each teacher would go to the pulpit with her class and introduce the topic, then stay there until her class had finished their talks. That way if any of the children got scared or need help she was right there. It worked beautifully. We are doing it again this year. " SHARI, ARKANSAS


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