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SPECIAL PROGRAM - "A couple of weeks ago our bishopric asked the Primary to present a program - not the children, but the leaders and teachers. The Primary President asked each teacher if they wanted to participate, including the song leader, pianist, nursery leader and secretary (that's me). All of them gave a 4-5 minute talk regarding a positive experience they had in primary. The primary president had prepared a poster-size paper with a ginger bread cookie outline on it. After each person spoke, she would "decorate" the cookie with some "icing" made of paper. She had also had the same cookie outline printed on the sacrament meeting programs that are passed out to the congregation. She asked that when she placed the "icing" on the cookie, the members of the audience could draw their own "decorations" onto the gingerbread cookie on the programs. The children in the audience seemed to really enjoy it, as well as the adults. We have had reverence problems in the past, but primary today felt very special because their teachers and leaders had all expressed their love for the children. In the middle of the talks, the Valiant Girls sang "Teacher, Do You Love Me" (primary song book), and then the teachers/leaders sang back to them on the last two verses and then the children and teachers sang together on the chorus. It was a very wonderful program and you could feel the spirit and love God has for all his children. RUTH, HAWAII


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