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OUR OWN FRIEND MAGAZINE - "This year our Primary is putting together our own Friend Magazine. The Sunbeams and CTR 5 classes are our "Friends in The News". We have asked each of them what they do to Choose the Right. Our CTR 6 & CTR 7 classes are "Trying To Be Like Jesus". We have asked their parents to let us know of a specific incident where their child has chosen the right. We are spotlighting each of the children in our 8 year old class and finding our what was special about their baptism day and how they felt. Our Valiant Classes have interviewed an elderly couple, a couple from another country, a convert, the elders, and a returned missionary in Sharing Time. The interviews were focused on baptism. These articles will be our "Making Friends" portion of our Magazine. The older boys are doing our "Friend to Friend" article and they are interviewing and getting pictures from the member of the bishopric over Primary. The Bishop is also writing a note to the children in regards to our theme. I am using pictures the children have drawn and am encouraging poems, pictures, puzzles, stories... We are using all the information we have gathered to put together our Sacrament Meeting Presentation." BRENDA, ID


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