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BAPTISM PUZZLE - "My stake gave me a large picture of a child being baptized, all cut out into a puzzle for the children to put together, a question about baptism was on each piece. 1- How are we baptized? (by immersion) 2- How old are you when you are baptized? (8 or older) 3- Where are you baptized? (In a font, or body of water) 4- Who baptized Jesus? (John the Baptist) 5- What happens to our sins when we are baptized? (They are washed away, forgiven) 6- Who can baptize? (One who has the priesthood authority) 7- Which article of faith talks about baptism? (Fourth) 8- What happens right after you are baptized? (You are confirmed) 9- What do you get when you are confirmed? (The gift of the Holy Ghost) 10- What must you do if you sin after you are baptized? (Repent)"  KATHY, UTAH


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