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LAST MINUTE BAPTISMS - "Our ward has gotten into a habit of letting the families of the member/baptisms create the program. They are given an outline of the basic program, i.e...
Welcome: (Presiding Priesthood Holder Present)
Opening Prayer:
Opening Song:
Talk on Baptism:
Performing Baptism:
Talk on Holy Ghost:
Performing Laying on of Hands:
Closing Comments:
Closing Prayer:
Optional Musical Numbers:
Refreshments, if any:
They are asked to have the person baptized pick the songs and people in their circle of family and friends to fill the other spots. They are told when it needs to be finished by. Pianist and chorister are usually provided by the ward, but sometimes it is easier to let them know that others can be asked, if someone in their family plays or leads and wants to be part of the program. This method, where the burden of the program falls on the family, has helped a lot with the 'burden' of last minute type baptisms. " JENNIFER, NEVADA


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