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BAPTISM SHARING TIME - "In Sharing Time we decided to focus on the physical aspects of baptism. In talking to the children over the last few months, we discovered that there were several of them that were frightened or concerned over what physically took place during baptism, as well as many questions about who could baptize whom, what we wear during baptism, why we have locker rooms, and even why the doors were kept locked except during a baptism. Since our Primary backs up to the baptismal font, we invited the Elders assigned to our ward in, and they opened up the font, went down into it, and explained, then demonstrated how a baptism was done (without water, of course). They then came back up into the Children's Meeting Room, and answered questions. It was incredible, once they got started, how much they really wanted to learn. I think a lot of fears were replaced with good information." BETHE, INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI


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