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MEMORY BOARD - Make a board to display announcements or reminders about Activity Days or other events. (This is a little expensive but worth the cost.) Buy foam core board (can be purchased at an office supply store in a package which will make 6 boards). Cut each piece of foam core in half to make two boards. Buy a couple of rolls of colorful contact paper some tacky adhesive (an adhesive putty like substance) and some tape-type wall adhesive. Cover the foam core board to make a quick bulletin board for your room. Use the tacky adhesive putty to stick things to the board. Use it for: schedule of activities, scripture references, scripture color pages, photographs from past activities, etc. Stick the tape squares for wall mounting on the back of the board by uncovering one side and sticking it to the board, then uncovering the other side of the backing and hanging it in your room.


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