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BEANBAG IDEAS (From Christy's ClipArt)
"Today we learned about..." toss the bag to a child, they can share one thought from the lesson or activity, then they toss it to the next and so on.
Start a sentence toss the beanbag to a child to finish the sentence.
You had to have at least three people to play but an unlimited number could join in.  Everyone would gather in a circle Start passing the bag repeating this rhyme: Bubble gum, Bubble gum, in a dish. How many pieces do you wish? Whoever is holding the bag would give a number between 5 and 20. Then begin passing the bag as you count to that number.  Whoever is holding the bag when you say the number chosen scoots back out of the circle.  Then start all over again with the Bubble gum, Bubble gum.... and repeat the process.


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