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FRIENDSHIP BEADS FOR GIRLS - We lived in a ward where the girls all went to different schools and did not know each at Achievement Days very well.  The leader came up with a way to encourage the girls to become better acquainted.  She gave each girl a booklet...on the cover was a clipart angel and it read, "Friendship Beads!  Be the Best Friend You can Be!  1.   Choose an Achievement Day girl.  2.  Perform 5 Acts of Kindness for her (examples inside).  3.  Write her name inside your book and list each thing you have done for her.  4.  Show your book to your leader and you will receive 1 bead [to go on their necklace].  5.  Then you may choose another girl and start over."  On the 2nd page were examples of kindness..."Give her compliments, send a friendship/thinking of you card, talk to her about their favorite things, drop off a flower, take a bike ride with her, invite her over to play, invite her to go somewhere fun with you, call and talk to her about her day, deliver her favorite candy bar, most importantly - be a good friend!"  There were several blank pages inside and the back inside cover had a list of girls with their phone numbers and addresses.


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