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PRIMARY'S BIRTHDAY: Give the children an opportunity to 'show you know' how to 'Follow Him in Faith.' Have the children invite a friend to come to Primary. Encourage the children to do an act of service for a member of their family or neighborhood. Teach the children the history of Primary and invite them to role-play favorite events. Help the children make Family Home Evening packets. Check with the bishop about having the Primary sing, 'I'll follow Him in Faith' (Friend, January 2003,24) or another Primary song as a special musical number in sacrament meeting. Invite the children to dress as a child from their family history and share his or her story. Hold a Primary birthday parade.-Visit the Museum of Church History and Art to see the exhibit about Primary, or create your own Primary display. Catch the children 'showing they know' in video or photos and invite families and ward members to view with them. -Teach the children the alternate birthday verse to 'We Welcome You' (Children's songbook, 256-57)." DONA, CINCINNATI, OH


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