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PLAN AHEAD - "I don't have a specific idea, but I can tell you that if you plan your activities several months to a year in advance you can save money. If you know what you are going to need in the way of supplies, you can take a supply list to some of the stores in your area and ask them if they can donate any of the supplies you need. Large chain or warehouse stores often plan their donations at the beginning of the calendar year and can be very generous. However, if you wait too long, they have already "spent" their donation budget and won't be able to help you. Even large hotels are often willing to donate things. Grocery stores are usually willing to donate refreshments for Church activities, and even if they can't donate, they will sometimes give things to you at a substantially reduced cost. I have no shame anymore and will ask for free supplies at craft stores, lumber yards, supermarkets, etc. All they can do is say No!"


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